Convert Your PDF to Kindle Format

If you have got lot of PDF ebooks and you have had enough reading it in your Desktop and laptops then Kindle is one gift of technology which will help you learn anywhere,any place, any time.

But to use normal PDF file in kindle is quite hectic and not comfortable enough to read so this one online file converter helps you to make your pdf easily readable and adjustable as well and there’s another software called calibre which converts every pdf into kindle format file.

For now lets just do it online, just go to the site and see how you can make a difference

5 thoughts on “Convert Your PDF to Kindle Format

  1. Well i tried it and it was kinda okay. it does convert a document with few pages but for the pdf which has more than 100 pages it just converted the Table of contents all the time. And for guys having slow internet shouldnt try this coz it takes time to upload and the upload will be cancelled as the session is too long. but Sinziana Armencea that was worth a find. Cheers mate!!


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